Monday, March 2, 2015

Signs You are a Fashionista - Maggcom


Do you day dream of jeans, dresses, shoes, mascara, anything that comes under the umbrella of fashion? Does anything with fashion bring an ear to ear grin on your face? Do your clothes affect your mood? Are you obsessed with filling your already overflowing closet and still feel the pangs of dissatisfaction. If yes, then read this article
because you are suffering from I-am-a-fashion-maniac-and-I-am-proud-of-it disorder. If, no, then also read this article. Chance of your encounter with individuals suffering from the before mentioned disorder is very high (Kya! Kya! Kya!).So, read such article to prepare you for such encounters.

1. When it comes to choose between the love of your life and the love for fashion ,you ……………………do I even need to tell you that you will choose fashion.(Duh!.)

2. Your mood instantly changes from angry young woman to the-world-is-such-a-happy-place when you go for shopping.

3. The only solution to your relationship boo-boos is trip to the mall.

4. You get near orgasmic feeling when lustfully enter your feet in those red soled, black pump.

5. When some naive soul, totally oblivious to fashion rules, commit some fad blunders, you feel like burning them to ashes.

6. Your idea of helping this society is by planning to open a social service center for fashion handicapped people.

7. Your eyes are constantly scanning trending fashion when you are in crowd.

8. You choose TV shows only after you are satisfied with the sartorial of the characters .Your equation of choosing shows is, ”Boring Clothes=Boring Show”. Simple as that.

9. You go head over heels crazy when you hear the word sale.

10. Your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest account is full of fashion posts.