Thursday, March 12, 2015

Foods to Ignore Before Planting a Kiss - Maggcom


Kissing is one of the beautiful thing to express your love to your loved ones and is a way of promoting power of love. Nothing is more articulate than a kiss and it’s a very beautiful way to share this feeling of love with your loved ones. Well your kiss can be beautiful and could also embarrass you if your breath give off a bad smell. So here is the list of foods that should be strictly avoided when you gonna plant a kiss.

The first food item comes in the avoiding list is any Alcoholic drink Strictly avoid it coz it gives a bad breathe though it helps in getting out from little fear or hesitation but it’s not a good idea of getting drunk before the kiss. Alcohol makes your mouth dry and dry mouth means bad breath.(Yuckkk)

It’s said that whenever you are consuming milk or any dairy product before sleeping you should always brush your teeth before going into bed with your loved ones coz it would be unbearable to talk or kiss you for them coz of your stinky breath. So avoid taking any kinda dairy product before kissing as well. Avoid taking protein rich foods.

Never go for a coffee as well coz it also dries up your mouth like alcohol does. Instead of taking coffee you can take water with lemon or an ice tea.

We all rely on mint candies or mint gums to get rid from the horror of bad breath. Sometimes the sugar in these makes bacteria more active and making your bad breath worse thus making an unpleasant kiss…

Do not smoke too much whether if you are going to kiss someone or not coz smoking makes your lip color turning into black and no one would like to kiss the dark smoky black lips. So avoid smoking when you are going or not going to kiss.

Never go empty stomach before kissing coz your mouth stinks at that time. Remember when you wake up and how your breath smells? So consume some fresh veggies or some light food and yes be hydrated to be kiss ready.