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The wedding season has already started and unlike women who have a bunch of outfits to choose from, men only have the classic suits style that they can play around with. While they may not get a lot of styles to choose from while choosing the wedding or reception suit, what they do get to select is the style of their tie.

Suits are not something you would wear on a daily basis and a tie is simply office or function specific. Tying the knot may seem easy but it’s only when you start tying it is when you know how difficult it is. Also, there are numerous styles of tying the knot to suit your body shape and suit style and you sure don’t want to choose the wrong one for your BIG DAY.

Worried? Don’t be, we are going to show you how to tie the stylish knots with these simple videos.

Here are 3 such styles of wedding tie knots for every groom to look like a gentleman and an absolute heart throb to his woman:

The Windsor Knot

The Full Windsor is one of the most common knots in the tie men’s fashion world. It’s a classic tie knot and one of the easiest to do. Here’s how you can get it right:

The Eldredge

The Eldredge is an extremely stylish and classy style of tie. Although it looks difficult to tie, it includes just a repetition of one knot. Here’s how to tie the Eldredge knot to look uber cool:

The Skinny Tie

The Skinny Tie has been one of the latest trends of tie knots and women absolutely love it since they’ve seen Ranbir Kapoor rocking it in the badtameez dil The skinny tie is simple and sophisticated and yet very modern. Here’s how to tie the skinny tie knot like a pro:

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