Saturday, March 7, 2015

Signs of a Sapiosexual - Online Magazine Maggcom


You feel with your heart, right? Wrong! You feel with your head. And if you prefer your head more than the heart (or body), you are sapiosexual!
[Sapiosexual : One who finds intelligence the most attractive feature]

At the cost of sounding risqué, here are some tell-tale signs that you can decode –
1. You rate the library more happening place than parties.
2. You love to argue and the people around you think that you’ll make a damned fine lawyer.

3. You are turned on by sesquipedalian ways (use of long words). I just loved using it here!
4. You believe that the brain needs more exercise than body.

5. If someone tells you that you’re beautiful, you don’t believe them thinking it’s in their mind.
6. Your ultimate ways of relaxing are either with coffee & books or a night out at theater/opera.

7. You believe in the existence of a 3rd kind of universal cinema – ones that make “intelligent” movies.
8. Your kind of travelling to places is the one which is educational, inspirational and visionary.

9. Reading books is placed in the category of ‘pleasure’.
10. You are fond of art and love to visit art galleries – to the utter annoyance of others.