Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Breaking Myths regarding Beer - Maggcom


Well there are many people out there who love beer. Beer is one of the best daammnn thing in this world and there are also uncountable myths about beer which most of us believe too. So here are the biggest myth breakers about beer. Read out the myths and share it with the other beer loveerrrsss too….

*Beer tastes best when it’s served cold and chilled. It’s not like that beer also tastes best when it’s not cold or chilled. Chilled mug of beer and cans with tiny droplets sliding outside the glass makes your mouth full of water and also looks damn tastyyyyyy but Beer also tastes good when it’s warm. Believe it.

*Canned beer is not as good as a bottled beer oh really? As it’s said that the light color bottles of beer are worst coz it doesn’t keeps oxygen and light away from it and when oxygen starts coming in under the cap it will taste bad and it become skunked whereas only dark bottles are better for beer storage. Cans are best as they keep oxygen and light away from it. So if anyone says you to have bottle over a can get their myth debunkedd..!!

*Dark beers are more alcoholic is it? No it’s again a myth Color do not tells us about the amount of alcohol content and bitterness in a beer or any other drink. So think twice before saying that dark beer is bitter and more alcoholic.

*Another super big myth about beer is that you get a beer belly if you drink beer. We must have heard lot many times from our friends or others about this myth saying ‘Zada Mat piya kar beer belly a jaegi nahi toh.’ You don’t need to worry beer enthusiasts it’s a super big myth. There’s no scientific proof which shows that beer helps in gaining weight or your belly. Bitch Please..! more beer bellies are just due to excessive calories from other things including beer in it, beer alone do not gives you a bloat.

*There’s nothing magical about the alcohol content present in the beer to increase your weight and of course gifting you a belly and hiding your sexy 6 packs. Alcohol increases the appetite that’s why you eat heavy foods after consuming it like Pizza, Burgers, chicken etc. Beer is not alone responsible for it. Don’t blame the Beer always..!

*Beer is so hell bitter. Of course this is true beer tastes bitter and it rips your taste buds but let me tell you not all beer tastes same. Exactly you heard it right some beers tastes fruity , sour and with funky aromas too. Go and experiment on the beers you will get this myth busted.