Saturday, March 21, 2015

Renovate your Lifestyle with Maggcom Lifestyle Magazine


So the summer has come and we all are in for all the bright and sunny days ahead. While we spur from our slumberous winters, there’s a lot of activity to look forward to this time of year. So instead of cringing and balking about it let’s face it – We need to renovate our lifestyle! Dropped a bomb, didn’t I ? Ok, here goes the explanation…. Summers are the best time to upscale our hibernating trends and rediscovering some new designs, textures and colors.

While the aqua meets the fuchsia and the cottons meet the rustled up silk, we all can have a field day rustling up something eye-catching and interesting. After all, style begins with us, right? Here are a few points that can get you started –

Plan. Compare. Prepare.

Vital to any project that you take up, planning is the most essential key. Decide on which space/room you want to focus on and work accordingly. Keep the goals small and fulfill them. If you want a whole house makeover, do it in piecemeal method so that the work doesn’t seem overwhelming – you don’t want the end result to be downright contrite. Seek help and advice of professionals like Contrary to the popular belief, professionals actually will save your costs.

Invite Family to contribute

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects have gained a lot of prominence in past 2 years. While this is a good way to work on the renovation projects, it is good to have many heads contributing their ideas to your project. You never know what wonderful ideas they can come up with.

Paint it Red!

Paint the space in bright colors, except if it is your bedroom. Bedrooms need to be colored in muted tones or else you will not get much of sleep with all the enticing colored walls around you. If you aren’t sure whether a particular color will work, there is color visualizer tool available online just for this purpose! You can check it out here

Go all Mediterranean with the tapestry

This year the Mediterranean sun will splash a riot of colors on your décor and furnishings. With floral prints being the in thing this summer; it is best to indulge in the most original designs by Ratan Jaipur. See some of the collection here

Accessorize in a whacky way

What is that we can’t do without? Accessories! They are extension of our personality, be it related to our clothes or our homes. Accessories are the best way to change something and infuse something new. Renovation is always incomplete without new accessories being added.
Some accessory ideas for you here

Display a statement piece

Making the unseen seen is the statement feature of any home that looks designer in feel. We would not say ‘buy’ but ‘invest’ is a wonderful piece of décor that makes the first impression a lasting one. This piece can dominate your décor theme and actually be a matter of pride. For some it might be an old gramophone or a wooden box that’s got antique hooks and carvings or it could be paintings that sync with your theme. To attract attention you can either paint that area in contrasting color or make is a special zone with other knick-knacks added for effect.

Focus on backgrounds and emphasis

When contrasts are made from background to the décor and then from the décor to the background it creates special focus zones. For example, if you want people to focus on the painting on the wall the décor around it must be subdued. If the focus is on the décor items then the background cannot be loud. This kind of flow makes renovations and designs successful.

Give finishing touches to your displays

After all the design and the décor aspects are taken care of look into the minute details. Ensure that the votive holders have candles, the vases are filled with flowers, the table arrangements are complete and everything right from the cabinet knobs to curtain holders is in place. In this regard, these items must not be catchy unless you are going in for a cream and beige theme all over the house and want attention to small details.

With these tips to begin with, I am sure renovating your lifestyle won’t be hard. What are you thinking? Let’s begin with