Wednesday, March 18, 2015



Which zodiac sign are you? That’s the question often asked in social circles. We have gone ahead and tried to find out what kind of homes suit a particular zodiac. And while we are at it trying to match up the personality traits and the home style – don’t come with a battering ram trying to club me black and blue; since generalization here is just to keep into mind certain general traits that are identified there are many exceptions to the rule!

For a Leo it’s a jungle out there and they’re ready to rule the world!

Would you like to dive into the pool first? The water-sign bearerAquarius might astonish you.

Tilt the scale a bit and you’re in for mayhem – so balance of contemporary and tradition is a must for a Libra.

“Practical” is a singular word that resonates in every corner of the Capricorn’s home

You step in and then step out thinking that you’re in the wrong house…. only to realize that the change-loving Gemini has done a home makeover

“Please pass through the security check-in”. You’re welcome now – that’s an ever cautious Taurus for you

A grand palace with minimalism. The Aries aspire for grand designs in simple ways.

We love to imagine how you would feel at our home – Come home to the Pisces’s World

“Everything in our house is for a purpose and I hope you too have come for a purpose”, says a Scorpio

You’ll note an unique experimental piece in a Sagittarius home

We’ve a personal sanctuary in my home and it’s a keep off zone from others for a Virgo

Your visit to our homes is intense experiences. A Cancer can get you stung by the hospitality (in a positive way)!

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