Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unique Fashion uses of Nail Polish - Maggcom


Nail paints have always been one of woman’s must have accessory. And just as we can’t resist ourselves from buying the different colours of one single top, we can’t resist the nail paints too. Sometimes the nail paint no longer looks as attractive as it looked at the shop or it simply doesn’t suit your skin tone. In all such cases, you end up throwing your nail paint. But not anymore, because we are going to unveil some unique uses of your nail polish for you so your money doesn’t go waste. These are really interesting. Read on.

1) Belt Buckle Shine

If you’re thinking of throwing away your favorite belt because it’s buckle has lost its shine, then stop! You can now make it look fresh and new by painting it with a transparent nail point and prevent it from oxidation. It will instantly give you the shine you got it for.

2) Jewellery Repair

Street shopping may not always get you quality products. Sometimes you find the perfect jewelry for your most favorite red dress but cannot buy because it’s chopped off and its color is faded? Next time you find any such jewel piece, instantly buy it along with a same color nail polish to perfect the imperfections in it.

3) Secure Buttons

The buttons of your shirt often loosen after a while. Your nail polish can solve this problem for us. All you've to do is put a drop of nail point of the thread of the button. By doing this, thread will stop fraying and hence prevent the button from loosening. You can also paint pearls and other delicate buttons to prevent them from peeling.

4) Adding Glitter

You can add an extra layer of glitter to anything by topping it off with a coat of a nail paint your favorite color.

5) High heel Soul-Shine

Want the soul of your sky-high heels to shine when you walk? Paint it with a transparent nail polish. This will not just add shine to it but also help to make it last longer.

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