Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Talk With Shraddha Kapoor’s Make Up Artist Shraddha Naik- Maggcom

Shraddha Kapoor’s Make Up Artist Shraddha Naik Interview

Bollywood is one such field where we all know everything about the stars but hardly know anything about the people who make them shine. What I am referring to here are the makeup artists. The makeup mask has the ability to transform an actor into a whole new person by enhancing their unattractive features. A face of a person is like a blank canvas for the makeup man to create his or her own magic on it and Bollywood is truly blessed to have some of the best makeup artists of all times. Here is one such woman who is making it big in Bollywood with her spectacular talent and skilled expertise.

Shraddha Naik, who has been a personal makeup artist to Shraddha Kapoor is one of the lesser known women makeup artists in the industry and has been with Shraddha Kapoor since her first film, Teen Patti. Shraddha has also been a part of Lakme Fashion Week and has swooned the audience with her magic that she has created on the industry’s best actresses. Today, we’ve got a chance to get a little close to Shraddha and know about her journey and experiences in Bollywood.
P.S: She also shared some makeup tips that you sure don’t want to miss.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Walk down the memory lane with Online magazine Maggcom

Taking a walk down the memory lane

Heels! This five-letter invention is more powerful than you think. Imagination gave it birth, sex lusted for it, wealth nursed it, power defined it, and pain became its partner in crime. Time has been witness to how beautifully the mind designed them, to how heels started designing minds? Curious much? Lets take a walk down memory lane.

Around 3500 BCE

When many civilizations were gently coming out of their cocoon, the Egyptian butchers first came with the brilliant idea of wearing heels to walk above the blood of dead beasts. That’s right the cat is out of the bag! Blame the Egyptians for your pain but thank them for your confidence.

Around 200 BC

Glamour always walked hand in hands with heels. Did you know Greek actors took refuge under the spell of heels? They used wooden platform heels, “Kothorni” to show the importance or rank of characters in the play.
And, while glamour walked hand in hand with heels, sex had a raunchy affair too. In ancient Rome, when the sex trade existed, platform heels were used to identify prostitutes.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Apparels That Are More Summer Friendly - Maggcom

5 Apparels That Are More Summer Friendly

Each season has its own excellence which is not simply limited to nature. As the season changes, so does the design and that is precisely why new gets to be old and afterward by and by another pattern starts. Not at all like your winter garments, you summer garments aren't separated or got out contingent upon the season. You can wear them at whatever time in any month in any style. Then again, there are a percentage of the clothes which are completely summer inviting. Not care for we wouldn't wear them in winter, but rather then as summers approach, we simply feel the need to get them out of our storerooms. Here are five such clothes that are more fun when worn in summers.


Trust it or not, shorts is certainly one of those top picks of most young ladies when we discuss summer apparel. The singing warmth just makes you need to blaze your skin fitting pants and get into your hot shorts that appears to be a great deal more agreeable and sharp.

Buy hottest shorts here.

Tank Tops/Spaghettis

Yes! I exceptionally no doubt understand about the skin tanning issues, however you can simply destroy these at a night with your young ladies or just a motion picture date. Luckily the late spring nighttimes aren't sufficiently cool to not give you a chance to wear your tanks. You can likewise style these with a cotton shirt over the top to look shrewd.
Buy tank tops here.

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Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Partner - Maggcom

On account of the propelled innovation, its making connections more straightforward as well as more muddled. Albeit there are individuals still trust in trust and reliability, there are numerous other people who are not fulfilled by only one. At the point when individuals figured out that, they made applications to track your accomplice's exercises and messages to check on the off chance that they're undermining you. On the off chance that you are suspicious about your accomplice and need to see whether he's faithful to you or not, here's a rundown of utilizations that will you do it.


Couple tracker gives level with chance to both the accomplices to watch one another gave they both consent to share their online networking exercises to be observed. This application is accessible on Google Play store and gives you a chance to track one another's calls, writings, facebook action and GPS area from a separation. Nonetheless, the issue is that you can track just initial 30 characters from one another's writings and track his/her area inside of 30 minutes of interim.


Screen Call SMS Location is an android application that helps remotely screen the calls, photographs, messages, areas and numerous more things. The application issues you leeway of getting the definite area of the focused on gadget regardless of the fact that its GPS is off. It issues you an email warning for each approaching call or message. It's a paid application that offers 3 day trial administration.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amusing Facts You Should Be Aware Of - Maggcom

14 Amusing Facts You Should Know

Maggcom brings you 14 Amusing Facts which you were not knowing so fat however you should know

Laughter is the best medicine and yes there is no doubt in it that’s why an average person laughs 10 times a day.

Every girl hates cockroaches eww! But do you know that a cockroach can live for 9 days without its head. That’s sooo creepy! You are lying and saw a cockroach moving without head… how louder the scream would be just imagine.

What do we call people with no brain or those who don’t use their brain. There are many names for them like dumb, bimbo etc. but do you know starfishes don’t have brain.

When someone hiccup we say ‘lagta hai tuje koi yaad kar rha hai….’ . A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years.

If there are no colours added to coca cola it would be green instead of black.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Legend of The Dream Catcher - Maggcom

The Legend of The Dream Catcher

The birthplace of dream catchers can be followed to Native Americans. As indicated by their legend, dreams as we all know are great and awful. They made these enchanting dream catchers created from willow, net, globules and plume. These fantasy catchers are left hanging in order to empower the great dreams to go from the middle and achieve the resting individual while the awful ones get tangled in the web and die in the first light of the day break. 

Dream catchers were initially put on infant's support or on the bed posts however now they're seen in different lifestyleaccessories. So feel free to encompass yourself with inspiration. is the spot where you get it all. 

Paint it red for your affection!

This charming heart shaped Dream Catcher Hanging makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Trendy Indian Sensational Singers in Bollywood - Maggcom

Stylish Indian Sensational Singers in Bollywood

Indian music industry has various Indian artists who have their own particular styles alongside supernatural voices and their own particular persona. These artists are notable for millions and trillions of their fans thus they should show up. This cast is breathing new life into style at this moment and for the years to come. They not onlycast spell with their voices but rather make the heads pivot with their style proclamation. 

Having an astonishing voice, with a X element is similar to cherry on top of the cake. Gone are the days when vocalists did not pay notice to how they convey themselves. Enlivened by fashionistas like, Britney, Lady Gaga, Indian artists have additionally prepared into in vogue style symbols. 

Maggcom brings you such alluring arrangement of 10 Stylish Indian Sensational Singers who have not just figured out how to make a particular stamp in the psyches of the audience members with their voice additionally with their style.

Neha Kakkar

Apart from being a singing sensation, she is an eye treat when it comes to style. She has a number of hits to her credit. But she really wins your heart not just with her voice but also with her voguish avatars. The lady surely has a lot of oomph.

Shreya Ghoshal

The heartthrob artist, Shreya, who has been administering the hearts of million individuals structure decades, is no place less regarding the matter of style and design. 

She is a conventional yet in vogue vocalist with an extremely sweet voice. 

She is an innovator and dependably gives satisfying celebrity lane appearances.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beware Of The Things That Can Turn Your Woman Down - Maggcom

Reasons Why Women Couldn't Achieve Orgasm

It’s not very absurd or new to realize that your girl is drifting away, there must be some reasons why your girl couldn’tachieve orgasm or she just wants you to leave her alone for some time. Whatever, the situation is; hold it tight man! Hold it tight! Maggcom hints you here:

You just mentioned her mom

No matter how turned on she is , one mention of her parents and it’ll drain all the sexual drive out of her.

She’s not in the mood to shave/wax/erase the existence of amazon from her skin

Trust me, especially if she’s had a hectic week she will love to stay away from these compulsory headaches. Wouldn't I rather read a book, huh?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Most precious Bags That Can Burn A Hole in Your Pocket - Maggcom

Bags That Can Burn A Hole in Your Pocket!

Bags! Bags! Bags! Regardless of what number of packs you claim, your heart longs for only one-more-and-that-will-be-my-last pack. When you stroll outside a sack showroom,you feel some imperceptible power is drawing you to get inside the showroom and buy that uber chick pack. Your eyes are always examining the sacks of universal brands that you long for purchasing it one day (Sigh). Haven't you heard this quote ,"Dreaming little is a wrongdoing". Anyway, my dear little fashionistas, when you can long for a 18-carat gold sack why long for ordinary typical packs? Permit me, women to take you to the wonderland of sacks!

Hermes Kelly Bag

At the point when the cash of a French extravagance brand combines up with the psyche of an originator (Pierre Hardy), the final result is something past your creative energy and your bank parity (If you are not conceived with a silver spoon… … .no, the entire silver cutleries in your mouth).The immaculate gold pack, bejeweled with an incredible 1600 jewels, cost just a pitiful measure of $2 million (Please comprehend the sarcasm).

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

An eighteen carat gold pack (Seriously, a sack of 18 carat gold!!!!!), encrusted with 4,500 precious stones (Whaaaaaaaaat!), will cost you just your life and the life of your nearing seven eras, that is it (Smile). On a genuine note, this pack costs an immense ( modest representation of the truth) measure of $3.8 million. Upbeat shopping!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crackdown and Fashion Disasters of Divas - Maggcom #ChooseIt

Whiplash Crackdown on Fashion Disasters

They show us slants. They're our design divas but they flounder at the adjust of excellent occasions with style that is absolutely MEH. With such form calamity strikes we in some cases wonder whether we're in right faculties to drink up their style patterns. Here's a whiplash crackdown on the celebrated individuals who should be touchy to their fans.

Don’t know what she wanted to be but this one is definitely a penguin on stroll style.

We all love Merlin – The Magician…. but she turned out to be his greatest fan of all times.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Things You Learn while Dealing With a Hyper Tensed Person - Maggcom

Things You Learn to Deal With When You’re Friends With A Hyper Tensed Person.

You learn to never take their words at face value

At first, you may get tricked that everything that happens with them is an end times and requires quick consideration. Be that as it may, then gradually you understand that regardless of the fact that they come up short on cleanser, you need to listen to their tirades for around two hours. You'd likely get so bothered that you'll go and purchase them one. Gradually, your mind develops to make due around such individuals and builds up a psyche channel.

You’re always one step away from losing it

Indeed, the exams are heading up one week from now. No, I'm not in the disposition to have a round table meeting about how you haven't examined and you're going to fail. Individuals who're hyper tensed have a tendency to say this despite the fact that they may be experiencing their umpteenth update while you've recently introduced your course readings. So to every one of those individuals who send others into frenzy mode pointlessly, zip it okay? 

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Faltering Excuses Made To Avoid Exercising - Maggcom

Lame Excuses Made To Avoid Exercising

Obviously every time you take a gander at somebody with washboard abs and very much conditioned butt and thighs you turn as green as a troll, yet that isn't support enough to push you off the love seat and into the rec center. Every one of us have built up our own particular arrangement of reasons to abstain from managing our weight issues and Maggcom conveys to you a percentage of the Lame reasons made to abstain from working out:

It’s baby fat

This is the most brilliant barrier instrument ever. Since nobody truly has a contention to this one. Lamentably, it just works till late youngsters since infant fat can't keep going forever seriously? Subsequently, we set out for some chasing for another reason.

I shall get up early tomorrow

Granted you will. Much the same as the sun will begin pivoting around the earth tomorrow forward. Every one of us have had that epiphany when we set up our wake up timers. The caution does ring. When, twice, thrice.. and afterward you at long last take a gander at the clock and believe 'how about we throw this' and float off into your magnificence slumber and poor mother needs to get up and turn it off.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Challenges Of A Person Who Cracks PJ's All The Time

Not everyone you find on earth seems to take PJs in right spirit hence, people like me have to face numerous challenges on a daily basis to either maintain the pace or sometimes intend to leave the crown ASAP. We at Maggcom bring you Challenges Of A Person Who Cracks PJ's All The Time.

Your jokes get a moment of hush 90% of the time

You're the main individual snickering at your joke and whatever is left of the gathering had a baffled articulation in the matter of how would they even know you.

Your add-on jokes are no better

You get tired of explaining your jokes

Of course, the humour gets drained out

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