Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beware Of The Things That Can Turn Your Woman Down - Maggcom

Reasons Why Women Couldn't Achieve Orgasm

It’s not very absurd or new to realize that your girl is drifting away, there must be some reasons why your girl couldn’tachieve orgasm or she just wants you to leave her alone for some time. Whatever, the situation is; hold it tight man! Hold it tight! Maggcom hints you here:

You just mentioned her mom

No matter how turned on she is , one mention of her parents and it’ll drain all the sexual drive out of her.

She’s not in the mood to shave/wax/erase the existence of amazon from her skin

Trust me, especially if she’s had a hectic week she will love to stay away from these compulsory headaches. Wouldn't I rather read a book, huh?

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