Friday, May 29, 2015

A Walk down the memory lane with Online magazine Maggcom

Taking a walk down the memory lane

Heels! This five-letter invention is more powerful than you think. Imagination gave it birth, sex lusted for it, wealth nursed it, power defined it, and pain became its partner in crime. Time has been witness to how beautifully the mind designed them, to how heels started designing minds? Curious much? Lets take a walk down memory lane.

Around 3500 BCE

When many civilizations were gently coming out of their cocoon, the Egyptian butchers first came with the brilliant idea of wearing heels to walk above the blood of dead beasts. That’s right the cat is out of the bag! Blame the Egyptians for your pain but thank them for your confidence.

Around 200 BC

Glamour always walked hand in hands with heels. Did you know Greek actors took refuge under the spell of heels? They used wooden platform heels, “Kothorni” to show the importance or rank of characters in the play.
And, while glamour walked hand in hand with heels, sex had a raunchy affair too. In ancient Rome, when the sex trade existed, platform heels were used to identify prostitutes.

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