Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Bags That Can Burn A Hole in Your Pocket!

Bags! Bags! Bags! Regardless of what number of packs you claim, your heart longs for only one-more-and-that-will-be-my-last pack. When you stroll outside a sack showroom,you feel some imperceptible power is drawing you to get inside the showroom and buy that uber chick pack. Your eyes are always examining the sacks of universal brands that you long for purchasing it one day (Sigh). Haven't you heard this quote ,"Dreaming little is a wrongdoing". Anyway, my dear little fashionistas, when you can long for a 18-carat gold sack why long for ordinary typical packs? Permit me, women to take you to the wonderland of sacks!

Hermes Kelly Bag

At the point when the cash of a French extravagance brand combines up with the psyche of an originator (Pierre Hardy), the final result is something past your creative energy and your bank parity (If you are not conceived with a silver spoon… … .no, the entire silver cutleries in your mouth).The immaculate gold pack, bejeweled with an incredible 1600 jewels, cost just a pitiful measure of $2 million (Please comprehend the sarcasm).

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

An eighteen carat gold pack (Seriously, a sack of 18 carat gold!!!!!), encrusted with 4,500 precious stones (Whaaaaaaaaat!), will cost you just your life and the life of your nearing seven eras, that is it (Smile). On a genuine note, this pack costs an immense ( modest representation of the truth) measure of $3.8 million. Upbeat shopping!

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