Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Things That Only A Curvy Girl Relate

In some cases its hard to be a stunning young lady or on the off chance that you are thin then too. Individuals won't quit remarking and exhorting about your weight. Bends are without a doubt hot yet being thrilling and getting undesirable gyaan on it disturbs a considerable measure. Aside from recommendations there are additionally a few issues which each stunning young lady face. Here are a few issues that just thrilling young ladies can identify with.

When you need to wear your most loved jeans however it doesn't fits you any longer.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Things Just A Breathtaking Young lady Can Identify - Maggcom

Things Only A Curvy Girl Can Relate To

Now and again its hard to be an awe-inspiring young lady or in the event that you are thin then moreover. Individuals won't quit remarking and exhorting about your weight. Bends are without a doubt hot yet being magnificent and getting undesirable gyaan on it irritates a considerable measure. Aside from proposals there are additionally a few issues which each thrilling young lady face. Here are a few issues that just magnificent young ladies can identify with. 

When you need to wear your most loved jeans yet it doesn't fits you any longer.

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A gift to be given to fashion - Maggcom #ChooseIt

Give The Gift of Life to Fashion!

Fashionistas, life is merciless. You can't get away from the remorselessly hard ace of death. Since you are conceived , you are sure to pass on and who knows you perhaps you are conceived once more. Also, so goes the circle of life. Just getting by can be a struggle that even mold can't escape its tight grasps. Life gives a style pattern to take conception, let fashionistas like you and me to back it like our own kid with adoration and passion.We see the pattern developing in front our own particular eyes. What's more, when it get old and on death bed we nurture it and attempt to invest as much energy conceivable with only it. What's more, there come the minute , when you need to see the pattern you cherished like your own particular kid die in some horrible, nightmarish way. Unforgiving, right! In any case, similar to you are conceived again in the karmic chakra of life, so is a style pattern.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Situations when you really feel it’s better to shut up - Maggcom


Commonplace circumstances when you truly felt its ideal to quiets down than let the numb-skulls recognize what we are considering!

A: Are you single?

B: No, I’m Plural

A: I mean are you free this Saturday?

B: No I’m expensive!


Can’t understand why they call it payday. I call it exchange day. They give me and I give everyone else!


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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Basic Beauty tips Taking Care of Your Health - Maggcom

7 Beauty Health Perils

Well every young lady needs to look best and excellent. Your day by day excellence items likewise add marvels to your looks yet at that same time they could be perilous for your wellbeing as well. We are not here to frighten you but rather to make you mindful about such perils. Here is the seven magnificence wellbeing dangers specified in the article. 

Your eyes look completely dazzling when you style with eyeliner. It's all that much enjoyed by ladies and gives an astounding look to your eyes and attracts consideration regarding your profound dull look. Not everything except rather the majority of the eyeliners contain chemicals in it so applying liner near to your tear conduit is very unsafe as it hinders the tear pipe and can bring about bothering. So attempt to utilize characteristic eyeliners and abstain from applying the on the tear pipes and supplant it after at regular intervals.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Things to Flaunt out This Summer with Maggcom - The online Fashion Magazine

5 Must Have’s For Summer 2015

Summer's here fellows! Now is the right time to stash those boots, jackets and cardigans into the base of the storage room and absorb the sun in those shorts, dresses and short dresses. Here's a little manual for the stuff you must have in your closet for summer 2015

1.Floral Print Dresses

One can never happen with a botanical dress on a summery Sunday morning. They're chic, easygoing and can light up your day even in this sweltering warmth! Presently, in case you're still in your winter mode and not an enthusiast of shaving those underarms so far, here's a tip for you: simply include a denim shirt top of it and you're ready!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Love For Tattoos and Craze of Getting Inked - Maggcom

Dazzling Art on You

Getting cut with a tattoo is extremely in vogue and elegant among youth these days. The rising furor and notoriety among youth and going ceaselessly of the forbidden encompassing them can be seen. While tattoos can be phenomenal & dazzling yet in the meantime it can likewise be revolting and disgraceful it relies on upon you and the chose craftsman. 

In this way, sparing you from the traumatic tattoos and making your experience great and to be associated with quite a while here we are letting you know the best tattoo tips and get inked without second thoughts.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Be a Fashion Genius with Maggcom - Online Fashion Magazine

Fashion Genius 4.0

Fashionistas! therefore, I know, you all should be busy spreading the magic dirt of your charm. You, guys, area unit my fashion pixies, spreading the wonders of fashion where your feet bit. And, since , you guys, area unit my fashion pixies, you all merit a charming cape. Capes area unit the identities of super heroes. And, since we have a tendency to area unit the superheroes of the style world, fighting everyday the evils of tacky, outdated, flub fashion villains, we've to own a cape.
So, in the Fashion Genius 4.0, I will be enlightening you, pixies, with capelets.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reasons Why We’re Gaga Over Grey - Maggcom

Reasons Why We’re Gaga Over Grey

The popularity of the character Christian gray with the women is aware of no bounds. Here’s some of reasons why he’s precisely the quite man one needs :

Infinitely intellectual

Because the stupid senseless compliment doesn't last forever. All folks need to pay our lives with somebody WHO stimulates our mental colleges (and several different colleges too). Why? as a result of intelligence is sexy!

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