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Tulsi, also known as basil has been India’s one of the most traditional plant that is not only worshiped but also treated as an ancient medicine. It has healing properties that help to maintain overall well-being of the body while providing certain beauty specific uses. Here are five beauty uses of tulsi you will be glad to know. Take a look and bid adieu to your hair and skin problems.

No more dandruff

Tulsi paste works wonders to get dandruff free hair. It has amazing healing powers and has been a traditional solution for dandruff problems. Here is how you can make the paste:
Take a few tulsi leaves and grind it well. Add some amla powder to the mixture to make a paste. Apply it to your scalp and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse well with warm water to see effective results.

Get rid of itchy scalp

Summer is just around the corner and we are going to have to deal with humid temperature that make our hair oily and thus itchy. All you’ve to do is grind some tulsi leaves and add about half cup of coconut oil and ground leaves. Heat the mixture and add methi seeds while keeping it on low flame. Let the mixture cool and then apply it to your scalp. It will give you a relaxed feeling and an itch-free scalp.

Tightens Skin Pores

Tulsi leaves help to tighten skin pores thus making your skin healthy and clean. Make a face pack of egg white and tulsi leaves. Apply the mixture to your face on affected areas and wash after 20 minutes. We suggest this face pack as egg white helps to tighten pores while tulsi fights the infections.

Adds glow to face

Tulsi helps to remove dark spots from your face. Hence, a mixture of tulsi leaves if applied regularly on face can bring an instant glow and shine.

Eliminate pimples and acne

Tulsi is said to be god’s gift for the skin. Make a mixture of saffron and tulsi leaves and apply it to the acne prone area. Since, tulse contains anti-bacterial properties; it will help you get rid of the infections. However, this face pack will help you get clear skin only if applied regularly.

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