Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wear your vintage jewelry in Modern style - Maggcom


1.Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings have been classic and will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart purely for its beauty. Be it a ruby, sapphire or emerald, if you’ve have it, you know you’ve got a treasure. Hence, be it 1960’s, 80’s or the 2000’s, gemstone, will always be a woman’s first love.
How Can You Wear it Modern Style:
The all-rounder bracelet; this is one jewellery piece that will suit all your outfits and occasions. You can wear it as easily with a casual tee and a pair of denims as much with your dazzling red party gown.

2.Classic Rose Gold Bracelet

Antique rose gold jewellery has been worn by women from the 1870’s to the 90’s and now the 2000. Antique jewellery with minute details and striking stones were seen a lot on the women from higher classes. While, yellow gold may be easy to put on, rose gold, being unique and trendy, isn’t any easy to be worn with anything and everything.
How to wear it modern style:
A delicate rose gold can be worn single or with stacked bracelets with classic formals or a casual tee for a subtle yet sophisticated look. You can also pair the one shown below having cut-out detailing with chic designer saree or a long asymmetrical dress.

3.Gold Earrings

Yellow gold has always been imagined to be worn with ethnic or traditional Indian wear. However, antique gold jewellery has marked its presence since the Victorian era and have since then been considered a woman’s priceless jewellery.
How to wear it modern style:
These antique Channel gold earrings can be paired with a classic a line skirt and a sheer top for an edgy look. It can also be worn with a plazzo and a crop top to strike your quirky look.

4.The Gold Diamond Necklace

Although gold and diamonds have their individual beauties, when combined, create remarkable pieces you’d wish you had owned. Such is the beauty of diamonds beautifully crafted in a gold base.
How can you wear it modern style:
Such magnificent pieces be worn with beautifully designed dark coloured gowns for a perfect evening look. It can also be worn with a modern lace dresses to add a touch of elegance and feminine beauty to your outfit.