Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maggcom Tells You Why to avoid Commitments in College


Relationships in college are really a fantasy for youth because they have more sense of independence and a different level of commitment. Then why not to go for it? There are certain reason which are convincing enough to delay this fantasy when you are in 1st year of college.

1.Reduces circle

When you are in first year, you might not have developed any specific bonding with anyone of your batch mates. In such case, if you just flow to commitment, then you probably won’t have that bonding because, you will lack time for that. College circles are really important and magnificent part of life. So you can think of denying to go for commitment and choosing friendship over it.

2.No group adventure

Until and unless your all friends are in relationship, there is a little chance that people will ask you for any plans. Every time for you, it is assumed that you might have plans. Initially in love, you tend to ignore this but as time passes you will be bored.

3.No more choices to explore

Well, it is totally unfair to not to explore choices before falling for commitment. You have your whole life to be committed with one, college era is the one to explore choices and have a good time.

4.Deprived of college activity fun

As love birds you will be inclined toward each other, thus showing less interest in college activities. These activities add to fun part of your memories. It is not the case that you won’t have any such memories but participating in college fests and celebrations give a indifferent experience and memories to look back.

5.Lack of a bestie

Surely, if you have love then you also need someone to talk about how you feel about him . You need someone who can be there to listen about how good he/she is and how you feel being with him/her . Going for a relation first drives your friends away so there is no BFF. As there are lot of things which are not BF/Gf type also . So having a BF/GF doesn’t always complete your life .