Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Different Types Of People You Come Across In College - Maggcom


1. The Chilled Out Person:

This person loves to chill all day, everyday. They don’t travel miles to come to college, they come to explore the city. Rest assured, whenever you need to go somewhere you can always count on this person to keep you company. So from flea market visits to drinking sessions, they’re always up for anything.

2. The Late Comer:

This one is the most calm and cool person on earth. If you have four lectures in a day, this one will enter college after three (like a boss) and then tell everyone how he overslept for the umpteenth time. So their first question everyday is,‘Meri proxy lagi?’ and the second obviously is ‘Where’s my coffee?’.

3. The Nerd:

Every group has to have one of these. He’s like a quintessential part of the group who’s probably teased, disturbed and irritated all through the semester but comes into the limelight just a fortnight before the exams. So even though some of them might be snobbish and you’d have to coax information out of them, you know you’ve got to keep them close Because naiya paar lagaani hai.

4. The Personalized Momma:

If you thought that college was a great way to spend time away from your constantly nagging parents, you thought wrong. There’s always this one person who will constantly invade your personal space and bring in interventions every time you drink, smoke or eat something you aren’t supposed to. Rest assured, this one will always stick around (yes, even if you push her away) and make sure you have clean college years.

5. The Chugli Khor:

Now this one seems real nice at face value but within months you know that these kind don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. So every time this one steps in on a conversation, you always have a back-up topic ready.

College years are one of the best years of life and even though you might get irritated one or more of the kind mentioned above, you know that they’re the reason for all the awesomeness. So if you’re in college make the most of your time with them. Cuz? YOLO.