Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lessons To be learned from Indian Soap Operas - Maggcom


I feel, I am so lucky to be exposed to something so practical, inspiring and …..(not to forget)…..sanskari Indian soap operas. Don’t believe me? Then read along, you will agree with me after I put my points.

Reason 1:

The soap operas inspire me to have one and, only, one ambition in my life. And, that is, being a sanskaribahu who thinks only and only of her parivar (even if her career gets over and she doesn’t have her own identity. C’mon, who wants her own career and identity when you can have the tag of “Hamare ghar ki sanakari bahu”. So prestigious). The definition of sanskari bahu is- one who leaves her career for the sake of her joint family because she is busy working all determinant on “Mein is ghar ka diya bhujne nai dungi”. So inspiring. What I have learnt is, no matter what your career is, leave everything and work hard to save your parivar from absolutely petty mind games. Yeah! Practical.

Reason 2:

They are not just practical but inspiring too. They inspire me to wear only heavy anarkalis and I-will-cry-anytime face because this is what girls (sorry, sanskari girls) in serials do. And, after my marriage I will be seen draped in heavy designer sarees, all caked up in gaudy make-up, making dinner for my joint family of 25 people all alone with a I-am-the sanskari-bahu-of-my-parivar smile. My dream life.

Reason 3:

Another thing that inspired me is to be an ardent follower of god. My favourite is…(Wait let me take off my shoes, you know, sanskar)… Santoshi Ma. She has solution for everything. If you forget to add salt in your curry (Kya! Kya! Kya!), Santoshi Mata will magically appear and will add salt in your curry (dhum tanananana …dhum tananana...background music. C’mon, drama is so important, you see). If someone is in coma and usey dawa ki nahi dua ki zarurat he, again contact Santoshi Ma. The bigger the issue, the bigger the drama. She will give him the necessary dua with a pinch… no, make it 2 tbsp of drama. How sweet of her.

Reason 4:

Marriage is something you have for saton janam. But, in this janam you compromise. You marry a guy, you fall out, then marry another. Then guy 1 comes in the scene, so you remarry the guy 1. But then you realize, you have started loving guy 2. You go back to guy 2. But then…you are pregnant with guy 1’s child. You again go back to guy 1. But, he is with a new wife who is also pregnant with his child. So, you leave both and you find guy 3, all the while preaching about sacha pyar that happens only once in life.. and this vicious cycle go on and on. Bechari! So much she has to go through! Made my eyes damp with sympathy.