Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Alpha! Is this word ringing any bell? I am sure, almost half of the readers must be thinking about the electro-magnetic rays that you happen to read in your Science book of 10th grade.And you would be glad to know that you are 100% wrong.

My, “I am the alpha” tattoo has given birth to so many vague and irrelevant questions from the womb of people’s ignorance.”Isn’t it the alpha (with totally Hindi accent.), beta and gamma? Alpha sounds like Alka! You like Science so much? From where did you find this fancy word?Google se churaya na! Hope!/ believe/ love/ faith (fit any common tattoo) banvana thana. ” are some of the lame questions that are thrown at me.

I am so tired of explaining the meaning of alpha that now when someone asks me such questions my brain automatically fast forwards itself (saving me the torture) and give them the complete authority to think whatever they want to think.Because ,there’s no bigger fool than you if you try to explain your thoughts to a fool.For that fool,you’ll anyways be a fool (God, so many fools.). Now, since you know my weakness, I would excuse myself from explaining the meaning of alpha and straight lands to the the signs. (Am I not great in coming straight to the point. I should pat myself for not being so verbose and explaining my emotions and thoughts so simply and briefly. )

Signs you are an ALPHA (This word deserves to be in CAPS).

You are an alpha- 

If you dream about career and not dream about men. You believe your life, your time, your brains, your soul, your body and everything you do isn’t worth of something that does not yield the result your hard work deserve. You know your career could be the only thing that could satisfy the plethora of passion you have in your little body and big mind. You can’t afford your time on anything that doesn’t bear any fruit to you and your career.

You are an alpha-

If your passion could be seen in your actions you live and not the actions you live. You put everything you have in every moment of your life. Your passion could be anything. Your passion could be creating, your passion could be capturing creation or bring revolution. Whatever your passion is you make sure to live each moment burning in the fire of your passion. You don’t do any action, you live your actions. And, since you live your actions, you only live deserving actions and moments.You are wolf ever ready to pounce on every opportunity you see.

You are an alpha-

If you think for yourself and not about yourself. You are not selfish if you think for yourself. Remember, no one could think best for you, other than you, yourself. Only you know your conditions, your strengths, your weakness, your surroundings. So, you are the best judge of the decisions of your actions you have to take, even if someone finds it offensive and selfish. And decisions of your actions because it is the only thing in this entire cosmos that you have the power to control. And, this is why alphas tends to be an efficient decision makers.

You are an alpha-

If you think for others and not about others. I read this quote somewhere, “Great minds discuss ideas.Average minds discuss events .Small minds discuss people.” (I think you got my point).You are someone, people look up to for inspirations. You are someone who thinks that not everyone is lucky enough to live the life you are living, have ideas you are having, possess wisdom that you are possessing . You know it’s your responsibility to help them in some way. And, I am not talking about the petty issues of your friend’s break up woes or something like that. You think big and revolutionary.(Huh, for those who didn’t understand. And if you still don’t, then don’t bother read further. No point, you see. )

You are an alpha-

When you give best to others and not take best from others. An alpha lives in each moment making sure that she is giving everything in every single moment she could give.You know how karma works .You know you could get everything you want, only, when you give everything you have. And, same goes for people around you. You understand the importance of people, that in, some way or the other, they can prove to be a catalyst in your journey of success and strong hands to be held in your falls and failures.

And, this passion you have, your attitude for life and respect for everyone makes you the most beautiful,admired, respected and sexy woman one could come across their life.Amen!