Friday, February 13, 2015

Maggcom is here to clear your Myths about Girls College.


1.There are always a line of guys waiting outside the college.

Of course there is a long line of guys outside, the autowallah, rikshawallah and the bhelpuri bhaiya are just about the number of guys I see around every day. If you’re lucky, there might be a cute guy at the momo stall but that’s about it. So if you think there are a bunch of guys outside every girl’s college ready to stalk a girl as portrayed in half a dozen Bollywood films, you’re in for a shock.

2.You can wear anything to college.

Sure I can. That is, if I can bear a dozen pair of eyes staring at my tracksuit while mentally yelling ‘What was she even thinking?’. Please know you are judged at all times and hence going in unpresentable clothes is not even an option. Exam time is the only time they might cut you some slack, but the rest of the time you’re dealing with a Mean Girl fraternity.

3.You’re in a girl’s college? How boring.

Oh please. If you can’t learn to have fun with the same sex then you can’t have fun with anyone. Guys are not the sole source of entertainment, so please move on from this myth that we sit and whine all day about getting bored (that is just during the initial days when we’re getting accustomed to the environment). There are girls out there with a great sense of humour and when we gang up we’re a lot of fun.

4.Every alumni is a feminist.

This is the best of them all. What do you think they do to us? Give us a feminism potion to drink on the first day of college and all of us become feminists thereafter? Please know that anyone, yes even a guy can be a feminist. And it isn’t about the institution you studied from but the ideals you follow in life. Period.

5.All you must be talking about is make-up.

You got me. Don’t you know I get up in the morning thinking about my Mac lipstick and doze off into a dream of Dior dresses at night? Girls are much more than their clothes and make up these days. These things aren’t the end all and be-all of our existence. So if you come across a girl from a girl’s college and she knows much more than you do about your own area of specialty , don’t be shocked alright?

So the next time you meet someone from a girl’s college, please avoid all the above sentences at all costs. If in case you do accidentally say one of them, then please know that you will get an hour long lecture about the numerous other things about a girl’s college which has it’s own perks. We’re not defined by our college, we define ourselves.

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