Monday, February 16, 2015

Lets Check Out What Girls Do While They Are Waiting For your Reply - Maggcom


Girls can be tougher than a Crossword sometimes. Okay, most of the times. Obviously, guys keep wondering why does it take forever for girls to text back or why they text the way they do since they see most of our kind are glued to their phones 24X7 (Yes, the loo breaks count here). So here’s a couple of things we do when we wait for a text back from you.

1.Assess your rate of reply at all times.

If you’re one of those people who texts too quickly, you come across as desperate and hence you’re banished after two or three polite conversations (Depending on how cute you are, coz we always hope that the cute ones would eventually grow some brains). If you’re not one of those who doesn’t reply for days and suddenly pops out of nowhere, please be ready with your armour for a bout of sarcasm coming your way. Can’t reply on the same day I texted? Huh, what a douche.

2.Constantly check your last seen like crazy.

Surely, all those guys with girlfriends no less than Sherlock Holmes loved the good old days when you could get away with ‘I didn’t check my phone baby’. Now, unfortunately she knows when you last checked your phone and, curse the blue ticks here, if you checked her message or not. No can’t get away with excuses now.

3.Stare at the phone like eyes boring into the screen would make a message pop out of it.

All of us do this almost all the time. I have a friend who even takes her phone to the washroom when she bathes. Like the world economy would crash if she doesn’t check her texts the moment someone sends it. I mean, there’s good crazy and there’s dangerous crazy. Bathroom mein phone gir gaya toh? Then text your crush from the Nokia 2690 your mum gave you. iPhone gaya toh bas, gaya.

4.De-code all previous texts sent by you.

Sure, coz every text reply is so well thought and well articulated by the guy and you’re Freud. You can totally explore into his psyche with his one word texts also. You’re a genius. This decoding process also involves memorizing the short forms you use. So every girl knows if the guy writes ‘bata’ or just ‘bta’ or’bataa’. You, my friend should’ve been in the CIA.

5.Frankly Speaking with girlfriends

Now there was this time when one of our friends would start dating, the entire group would discuss his pros and cons on a conference call in hushed tones. By the time the guy replies, the girls would’ve already formed their opinion of the guy. If you’re rejected by her girlfriends, you are dead.