Sunday, February 22, 2015

Superstitions That are Still Believed - Maggcom


“Bad things happen because people obstruct good vibes by shutting their attic door or by carrying a yellow wallet?” Really? No, actually it is a superstition or you can say a prank to make fool of the people. But the fact is that people still have trust more than anything in these games. I mean seriously! Suppose if your kid is doing bad at school and the astrologer told your kid to “pour some water on the sun” like how mad if you do that. But still some people try it seriously. In this modern era, superstitious is one of the unwanted gift, we had gained from earlier time. Common superstitious should be described as belief that has no rational basis.

Well, as we all know there are still a disease known as superstition exist in our society. So, let us go through some of the so called insane superstitious, that are still shockingly influential. Here are few ones-

Black cats crossing your path:

This is one of the most common superstitious that still has an influential place in this modern era. This superstition arises from one of the old belief in witches and their animal familiars, which were often said to take the form of domestic animals like cat. But is it correct. I mean, cats are revered at many historical places as well as cats act as a nice and lovely pet too, in various countries like America. Then, is it good to treat cats like this and belief on this old tale.

No umbrella inside

Not because the umbrella is big, or due to wet umbrella, water drops must be poured inside the home, or not because it will poke into someone’s eye, but this one is so famous because people belief that bringing umbrella inside the home, will bring bad luck. Origin of this belief is really slurry. From the myth of the death of an ancient prince within two days of accepting the umbrella as a gift, to the burning of the old lady house, after buying a new umbrella, there are a lot of myths behind this fake saying.

Cross your fingers

Well, this superstition arises from some ancient days, when there were two friends, who also cross their index finger, while making a wish. It is said that this is the symbol of showing your support towards your friend, while he/she is making a wish, by mingling your finger with him/her. This prove that myths can be of any kind, whether they are of good ones or bad ones.

Breaking of Mirror

In thi myth, people believe that breaking up of mirror, will doom themselves into the bad luck of about seven years. This belief arises from another belief that mirror just doesn’t reflect your personality or your image, but they catch your soul and hold it. Even for this reason, in some Asian countries, people cover the mirrors during the death of someone, so that the mirror won’t catch their soul and the person who die may rest in peace.

Relation of three with bad luck

Having something in three, and that three will bring bad luck into the work you are doing, is one of the major superstition that is still going in our society, from very ancient period of time. Certain stories had arises behind this myth, but none of them can be confirmed. People hesitate from using three in their lives.

Many more superstitions are there, and they have been stem from the same human trait that causes us to believe in monsters and ghosts. Well, it’s not said that, they never work, because a 2010 study suggest that if you believe in something, than it will improve the performance of the work. So, next time, only believe on these superstitions when you are ready to face anything, otherwise if you want to have a happy life, then don’t believe on such myths and live your life happily.