Monday, February 16, 2015



Whenever we meet on Mondays, we are flustered and are like why it comes so early?! It’s so difficult to come out of your dreams & bed before the expected time. It becomes very difficult to crack a smile, we feel low and lethargic and don’t wanna go to work. Monday snatches all the peace as it reminds of targets, deadlines and of course, the Bosss.

*Monday reminds us of our half done or pending targets. It’s the first day of the week and it comes with new tasks and work which is to be performed for the rest of the days and that's the most annoying thing and a reason to hate Monday.

*On Monday mostly people are slothful because prior to it, comes the weekend and everyone goes out to chill and to relax their mind or take a relaxed nap in their bed. BUT then, there comes the Monday to wake you up from your dreams.

*Spending awesome time with your close friends and family members is very difficult to say goodbye to and the weekend mood gets turned off. We again have to see the faces of our co-workers and be reminded of the scary targets. When you are enjoying the peace and are free from the burden of work and then BAM. Work.

*Had a great time with friends and went crazy drinking? You have a hangover and the next day is Monday (well, oh no!). When the time comes to wake up and to go for a work you can't be late either because it’s the first day of the week (dafaq) and at that time its tough waking up since you are bogged down and a feeling that your head might as well explode. It’s very difficult at that time to go to the office. (oh goshhh)

*Not just the working people hate Mondays. Hating Monday is in the list of college and school students too they hate Monday equally well school students hate each day but Monday is on the top list. Don’t want to wake up early and get ready to go after spending relaxed time with their friends and family.