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Wear your vintage jewelry in Modern style - Maggcom


1.Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings have been classic and will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart purely for its beauty. Be it a ruby, sapphire or emerald, if you’ve have it, you know you’ve got a treasure. Hence, be it 1960’s, 80’s or the 2000’s, gemstone, will always be a woman’s first love.
How Can You Wear it Modern Style:
The all-rounder bracelet; this is one jewellery piece that will suit all your outfits and occasions. You can wear it as easily with a casual tee and a pair of denims as much with your dazzling red party gown.

2.Classic Rose Gold Bracelet

Antique rose gold jewellery has been worn by women from the 1870’s to the 90’s and now the 2000. Antique jewellery with minute details and striking stones were seen a lot on the women from higher classes. While, yellow gold may be easy to put on, rose gold, being unique and trendy, isn’t any easy to be worn with anything and everything.
How to wear it modern style:
A delicate rose gold can be worn single or with stacked bracelets with classic formals or a casual tee for a subtle yet sophisticated look. You can also pair the one shown below having cut-out detailing with chic designer saree or a long asymmetrical dress.

3.Gold Earrings

Yellow gold has always been imagined to be worn with ethnic or traditional Indian wear. However, antique gold jewellery has marked its presence since the Victorian era and have since then been considered a woman’s priceless jewellery.
How to wear it modern style:
These antique Channel gold earrings can be paired with a classic a line skirt and a sheer top for an edgy look. It can also be worn with a plazzo and a crop top to strike your quirky look.

4.The Gold Diamond Necklace

Although gold and diamonds have their individual beauties, when combined, create remarkable pieces you’d wish you had owned. Such is the beauty of diamonds beautifully crafted in a gold base.
How can you wear it modern style:
Such magnificent pieces be worn with beautifully designed dark coloured gowns for a perfect evening look. It can also be worn with a modern lace dresses to add a touch of elegance and feminine beauty to your outfit.


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The Iconic Dresses Of Oscar De La Renta - Maggcom


Oscar De La Renta! Someone who doesn’t need and introduction when it comes to couture because he, himself, defines couture. He is the visionary of the fashion world. He is someone who doesn’t create design just for the sake of it. He designs to eulogize the beauty of woman. I am highly inspired by his quote

“You carry the clothes, the clothes don’t carry you.”

One thing that really drew me towards him was his perception of fashion.His designs brings out the femininity and romance in a woman. He designs couture not keeping in mind the trends of fashion.He designs keeping woman in fashion. Isn’t it an amazing thing that he draws his inspirations from the beauty of a woman. How , the femininity of us could inspire someone to this extent! It make me think so high about. Someone who inspires the world is inspired by we woman. And, that’s the thing that makes him highly respectable for someone like me who takes fashion very seriously.

So, as a tribute to late Oscar De La Renta, I bring forth you my favorite chef-d’oeuvres(well, all his works are a masterpiece) of him.

1. The wedding gown of Huma Mahamood Abedin.

The US political staffer and a long time aide of Hillory Clinton, is one of my favorite collections of Oscar De La Renta. This gown was featured in 2007 VOGUE spread .A cap sleeved, gold embroidered chiffon gown was embellished with her jeweled choker that was an heirloom in her family. Ok, I am little biased for this gown because for Her following statement to magazine,”I wanted to look like an Indian bride.” Can you believe it? The influence of Indian wedding fashion! And, adding cherry to the cake, Oscar De La Renta replied,”It was like dressing Scheherazade, the beautiful queen from ‘One Thousand and One Nights’.”

2. The big, fat, American wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.

It was no small event. And, Amal Alamuddin, a top human rights lawyer, was attired in a downright fairy tale inspired , French Lace wedding gown embroidered with pearls and diamante stones . The whole wedding reminded me the ball of Cinderalla where she finds her true love and loses her crystal shoe.

3. Ok, I am not exactly a fan of Taylor Swift

Since she is donning an Oscar De La Renta,I would be more than happy to follow her (definitely not for her songs!). What I liked about this gown is that it looks like as if it has come out of the potpourri of fairy tale dream weddings. She was seen donning this embroidered deep V back with trail in 2014 Met Gala. (Fashionistas, my serious advice to is do check the amazing star studded Met Gala.)

5. A golden yellow gown donned by Penelope Cruz to the Oscar of 2005.

The dress is more like a distant cousin of wedding gowns with its trail and bow but with a twist in color. Penelope Cruz is no doubt a woman of beauty but a form fitted royal colored gown with backside bow did the best to amplify her elegance and, variably, her sex appeal. It’s not everyday , you see an elegant dress let you exude the sex appeal in you.


Discover yourself, Are you an Alpha? - Maggcom


Alpha! Is this word ringing any bell? I am sure, almost half of the readers must be thinking about the electro-magnetic rays that you happen to read in your Science book of 10th grade.And you would be glad to know that you are 100% wrong.

My, “I am the alpha” tattoo has given birth to so many vague and irrelevant questions from the womb of people’s ignorance.”Isn’t it the alpha (with totally Hindi accent.), beta and gamma? Alpha sounds like Alka! You like Science so much? From where did you find this fancy word?Google se churaya na! Hope!/ believe/ love/ faith (fit any common tattoo) banvana thana. ” are some of the lame questions that are thrown at me.

I am so tired of explaining the meaning of alpha that now when someone asks me such questions my brain automatically fast forwards itself (saving me the torture) and give them the complete authority to think whatever they want to think.Because ,there’s no bigger fool than you if you try to explain your thoughts to a fool.For that fool,you’ll anyways be a fool (God, so many fools.). Now, since you know my weakness, I would excuse myself from explaining the meaning of alpha and straight lands to the the signs. (Am I not great in coming straight to the point. I should pat myself for not being so verbose and explaining my emotions and thoughts so simply and briefly. )

Signs you are an ALPHA (This word deserves to be in CAPS).

You are an alpha- 

If you dream about career and not dream about men. You believe your life, your time, your brains, your soul, your body and everything you do isn’t worth of something that does not yield the result your hard work deserve. You know your career could be the only thing that could satisfy the plethora of passion you have in your little body and big mind. You can’t afford your time on anything that doesn’t bear any fruit to you and your career.

You are an alpha-

If your passion could be seen in your actions you live and not the actions you live. You put everything you have in every moment of your life. Your passion could be anything. Your passion could be creating, your passion could be capturing creation or bring revolution. Whatever your passion is you make sure to live each moment burning in the fire of your passion. You don’t do any action, you live your actions. And, since you live your actions, you only live deserving actions and moments.You are wolf ever ready to pounce on every opportunity you see.

You are an alpha-

If you think for yourself and not about yourself. You are not selfish if you think for yourself. Remember, no one could think best for you, other than you, yourself. Only you know your conditions, your strengths, your weakness, your surroundings. So, you are the best judge of the decisions of your actions you have to take, even if someone finds it offensive and selfish. And decisions of your actions because it is the only thing in this entire cosmos that you have the power to control. And, this is why alphas tends to be an efficient decision makers.

You are an alpha-

If you think for others and not about others. I read this quote somewhere, “Great minds discuss ideas.Average minds discuss events .Small minds discuss people.” (I think you got my point).You are someone, people look up to for inspirations. You are someone who thinks that not everyone is lucky enough to live the life you are living, have ideas you are having, possess wisdom that you are possessing . You know it’s your responsibility to help them in some way. And, I am not talking about the petty issues of your friend’s break up woes or something like that. You think big and revolutionary.(Huh, for those who didn’t understand. And if you still don’t, then don’t bother read further. No point, you see. )

You are an alpha-

When you give best to others and not take best from others. An alpha lives in each moment making sure that she is giving everything in every single moment she could give.You know how karma works .You know you could get everything you want, only, when you give everything you have. And, same goes for people around you. You understand the importance of people, that in, some way or the other, they can prove to be a catalyst in your journey of success and strong hands to be held in your falls and failures.

And, this passion you have, your attitude for life and respect for everyone makes you the most beautiful,admired, respected and sexy woman one could come across their life.Amen!


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Secrets to Manage your Hair Well - Maggcom


Managing hair can be really difficult at times especially when you have long frizzy hair or solid curls. And a stylist is not always available to set them right for you or fix it in case of emergency. But don’t you worry girl, because I am going to reveal some secrets to help you manage your hair well. Styling your hair is going to super easy and super quick with these cool tactics. Here are some simple tricks that you need to know in order to get your way through perfection. Read on, you can thank us later.

1) De-tangle your hair while applying the conditioner as it will be easier. Also, de-tangle your hair from the end to the roots, not root to the ends.

2) Curl with socks – don’t worry if you don’t have an iron. Now you can get instant wavy curls by wrapping up your hair in your socks.

3) To get voluminous hair, stack your curls together on the top of your head and coat the bottom with some hairspray. This will give your hair a fuller and natural effect.

4) Get the latest hair trend on your hair without any chemicals because you’ve the hair chalks to the rescue.

5) For long lasting curls, run your flat iron through braids. It works wonders and stays longer than expected.

6) For fine curls, try washing your hair with a hairnet on, it will help to keep your curls intact.

7) While drying your curls, try using a diffuser instead of a normal dryer as the diffuser will help to minimize the frizz while evenly disturbing heat.

8) To prevent your curls from getting tangles, sleep on a satin pillow as it will help to get them in place.

9) Use a toothbrush to tame fly away strands.


Crazy Sides of famous directors - Maggcom


Every great mind has its own quirks. Here is some quirks of few Famous Directors


Richard Linklater is one of the most fascinating filmmakers working today. He also has a convicted murderer living in his garage.


James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro are pretty good friends. While directing Mimic, del Toro’s dad got kidnapped by some Mexican thugs and demanded 1 million $. At the time, del Toro had invested his money into the movie, and had nothing left. Stepped in James Cameron, with a million dollars.


With masterpieces like The Magnificent Ambersons, The Lady from Shanghai and Citizen Kane under his belt, most would bow down to his master strokes of direction.
Orson Welles absolutely hated his nose. He once declared it hadn’t “grown one millimeter since infancy,” and he did everything possible to hide his tiny nose from audiences. With a few exceptions, every time Welles stepped in front of a camera, he was wearing a prosthetic nose.


He has an odd affinity for thieves. For example, The Grand Budapest Hotel hinges on the theft of a priceless painting. Fantastic Mr. Fox follows the exploits of a professional bandit. Even Anderson’s first film, Bottle Rocket, centers on three crooks who plan the ultimate heist. Maybe because he once staged a break-in himself.


Best remembered for his Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, Capra also created gems like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It Happened One Night. The man won three Oscars and was the highest-paid director in the 1930s. He knew how to make movies. Capra was a big fan of Benito Mussolini. He believed the dictator represented the common man—like many of his own cinematic heroes—and would save Italy from communism. Capra was so enamored with Mussolini that he allegedly hung an oil painting of the dictator in his bedroom.


Coppola isn’t just a successful producer, director, and cafe owner. He’s also a genuine inventor who’s solved a question that’s bedeviled man since the dawn of time: how to scratch an itch on the middle of your back. His solution, A state-of-the-art, specially designed, one-of-a-kind T-shirt, complete with a really cool reptile.


He gave the world Star Wars and successfully booked himself a place in the world history. But the space invader and alien story writer wanted to become a Racer. Yup. He lived and breathed for racing. He loved working in pit crew nut only until 18, when he crashed into a tree.


Before directing films like Gates of Heaven and The Thin Blue Line, Errol Morris was a philosophy student at the University of California, Berkeley. He was planning on writing a PhD on the insanity plea when he became obsessed with Ed Gein. Intrigued by a man he found “naive and appalling,”. Oh BTW Ed Gein is one of the most famous murderers in American history. This Wisconsin killer butchered women, robbed graves, and turned his victims into furniture and freaky articles of clothing. Gein also inspired movies like Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


The director’s career is a tragedy. Once a promising director with three hit films, Shyamalan lost his spark and started directing shite like Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender, and After Earth. We can all probably agree M. Night mania started to die in 2004 with the release of The Village and one incredibly bizarre documentary The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan.
According to the three-hour-long documentary, when Shyamalan was 11, he nearly drowned and was technically dead for over 30 minutes. When the boy was resuscitated, he’d developed a “sixth sense” and could speak with the dead. The documentary also featured a strange scene when Shyamalan’s presence causes the microphones and camera to go haywire, like the man was surrounded by some supernatural aura.


The directed critically acclaimed movies like The Treasure of Sierra Madre and The Man Who Would Be King, all while snorkeling in Mexico, riding horses in Ireland, and hunting iguanas. The man had quite a life.

Also, he accidentally killed a woman. The date was September 25, 1933, and Huston was driving down Sunset Boulevard. The light was green, he wasn’t speeding or drunk, and a woman stepped out from between two parked cars.


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Superstitions That are Still Believed - Maggcom


“Bad things happen because people obstruct good vibes by shutting their attic door or by carrying a yellow wallet?” Really? No, actually it is a superstition or you can say a prank to make fool of the people. But the fact is that people still have trust more than anything in these games. I mean seriously! Suppose if your kid is doing bad at school and the astrologer told your kid to “pour some water on the sun” like how mad if you do that. But still some people try it seriously. In this modern era, superstitious is one of the unwanted gift, we had gained from earlier time. Common superstitious should be described as belief that has no rational basis.

Well, as we all know there are still a disease known as superstition exist in our society. So, let us go through some of the so called insane superstitious, that are still shockingly influential. Here are few ones-

Black cats crossing your path:

This is one of the most common superstitious that still has an influential place in this modern era. This superstition arises from one of the old belief in witches and their animal familiars, which were often said to take the form of domestic animals like cat. But is it correct. I mean, cats are revered at many historical places as well as cats act as a nice and lovely pet too, in various countries like America. Then, is it good to treat cats like this and belief on this old tale.

No umbrella inside

Not because the umbrella is big, or due to wet umbrella, water drops must be poured inside the home, or not because it will poke into someone’s eye, but this one is so famous because people belief that bringing umbrella inside the home, will bring bad luck. Origin of this belief is really slurry. From the myth of the death of an ancient prince within two days of accepting the umbrella as a gift, to the burning of the old lady house, after buying a new umbrella, there are a lot of myths behind this fake saying.

Cross your fingers

Well, this superstition arises from some ancient days, when there were two friends, who also cross their index finger, while making a wish. It is said that this is the symbol of showing your support towards your friend, while he/she is making a wish, by mingling your finger with him/her. This prove that myths can be of any kind, whether they are of good ones or bad ones.

Breaking of Mirror

In thi myth, people believe that breaking up of mirror, will doom themselves into the bad luck of about seven years. This belief arises from another belief that mirror just doesn’t reflect your personality or your image, but they catch your soul and hold it. Even for this reason, in some Asian countries, people cover the mirrors during the death of someone, so that the mirror won’t catch their soul and the person who die may rest in peace.

Relation of three with bad luck

Having something in three, and that three will bring bad luck into the work you are doing, is one of the major superstition that is still going in our society, from very ancient period of time. Certain stories had arises behind this myth, but none of them can be confirmed. People hesitate from using three in their lives.

Many more superstitions are there, and they have been stem from the same human trait that causes us to believe in monsters and ghosts. Well, it’s not said that, they never work, because a 2010 study suggest that if you believe in something, than it will improve the performance of the work. So, next time, only believe on these superstitions when you are ready to face anything, otherwise if you want to have a happy life, then don’t believe on such myths and live your life happily.


These are the gadgets to Look out for in 2015 - Maggcom


When someone says gadgets, the first thing that strikes our mind are cell phones and The smartphone wave of 2015 promises to bring us devices that are expected to come with more refined looks, perform faster, snap better images, and have longer-lasting batteries. But it is not just that, we have wearable smart phones and virtual reality coming true this year.

Here are the 11 best gadgets you can upgrade to or buy in 2015:


Expected Release Date : April 2015

With a series of mishaps, a sexist marketing campaign, and a confusing invitation-based system, the OnePlus One quickly started becoming a OnePlus Annoyance for its wanna-be buyers. Rumors have been flying around for a follow-up, though, a OnePlus Two of kinds. Hopefully, the company has learned from its mistakes, and the rumored smaller (some say 5.2″) OnePlus Two could finally offer us that lucrative combination of a good price and flagship-grade specs.


Expected Release Date : September 2015

The Moto X started a new chapter for Motorola under Google in 2013, and while it was not a technological wonder, it offered wondrous customization options. Moto X (2014 edition) showed that Google is learning from its mistakes, as it fixed the specs on the Motorola flagship, bringing it on par with the competition, and then… Lenovo acquired Motorola.

Waiting to see what the Moto X (2015 edition) brings as Lenovo has confirmed that it will continue using the Motorola brand in many markets.


Expected Release: Late Sept. 2015

With rumors all around for a jump to larger screen sizes that allow for more laptop-like productivity, it would not be surprising to see the new Kindle Fire tablets jump to a 12″ screen size, or even slightly more. As always, we also expect great price, top-notch hardware, and Amazon’s heavy custom skin on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Expected Release: May 2015

Microsoft has perfected the hinge mechanism, and the add-on keyboards are a great addition for the Surface lineup, but the big novelty we expect in the 2015 Surface Pro 4 is a new and more efficient Intel Broadwell 20nm chip. This should contribute to an even longer-lasting battery, and improved performance, something that would add just one more reason to consider the Surface over a traditional laptop.


Expected Release: July 2015

The one Xiaomi phone that you should really care about in 2015 is the expected Xiaomi Mi 5. With a price for its flagships traditionally at half that of other, well-established companies, the Mi series still crams in the latest of specs in an impressive package.


Expected Release: May 2015

The LG G4 might be the first phone to launch with an in-house LG system chip, and continue in the footsteps of the LG G3 – continuing to improve on the 5.5″ Quad HD display formula. LG has also traditionally maintained slightly lower prices than its rivals, putting price pressure on the big ones like Samsung and force them to innovate more.


Expected release: Early March 2015

The HTC One (M8) set a new standard for a refined, sturdy, stylish all-aluminum Android device, but that UltraPixel camera with its poor, 4-megapixel resolution just did not seem to be on par with what everyone else offered in terms of image and video quality. The One (M9) might finally kickstart the return to glory for the ailing company. After all, that style and the fast and smooth Sense software are assets that not many other Androids have.


Expected Release: Spring 2015

There have been rumors about a 12.2-inch iPad Pro model for quite a while, but it seems that 2015 will be the year when Apple will finally be ready with the big announcement that will change the face of its iPad lineup, and could change the definition of a tablet. The iPad Pro is speculated to replace the 7.9-inch iPad mini. The new and larger iPad will come with its focus on productivity and we would not be surprised if Apple updated iOS for iPad to include a multi-window multitasking option.


Expected Release: spring 2015

The Apple Watch was announced in September along with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The watch is set to hit markets early 2015. It will have different designs and apps that users can modify.


Using your finger print to unlock you phone is cool, but using your heartbeat is cooler. The NYMI band will be a new smart wearable that lets users unlock their phones, cars, computers and even homes by using their heartbeat to authenticate the user. Your heart will now be able to truly open doors.


The virtual reality gadget has generated a lot of buzz in the past year with developers, but a consumer version will finally hit the market in the summer of 2015. Virtual reality has gained a lot of popularity with the video game industry, tourism industry and the entertainment industry. Virtual reality has also attracted a lot of companies to produce their own gadgets, Samsung and Sony will also release VR head gear.