Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ways to Use The White Eyeliner Pencil - Maggcom

Five Ways to Use The White Eyeliner Pencil

What’s this White Eyeliner Fuss?

On a day-to-day basis we use a kohl or a black eyeliner (in different ways) or even coloured eyeliner pencils. Most often we do tend to skip the white eyeliner pencil. I quite like playing around with the white eyeliner pencil for the simple reason that is gives me a unique look from all the rest:D
So for all of you who thought you could skip the white eyeliner! Think again?

Quick list of uses of the White eyeliner-

1. On the waterline to make the eyes seem bigger & as a quick makeup fix to look fresh whilst being hungover

2. On the upper eyelid for a fashionable look that could be worn for a night-out too. (make sure to draw a thin black line below the white eyeliner to give definition along with lots of mascara)

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