Monday, June 29, 2015

Uncool Myths About Fashionable People Busted - Maggcom

8 Uncool Myths About Fashionable People Busted

Uncool Myth #1: If you wear make-up and fancy clothes to artify your appearance, your heart too; is artificial!

Really? So, if one doesn’t do any of these things, can you guarantee us a heart of Gold? 24 Carat Gold? Gold with an ISI Mark huh???

Uncool Myth #2: They have an air about themselves.

Definitely Yes! The air that all of us breath-in & breath-out, that is essential to survive. Mind you people, there is a difference between being an attention seeker and being a fashion sucker!!

Uncool Myth #3: Their relationships are trivial.

They might have more options than the not-so-fashionable-ones, ‘Might’, but if the longingness is mutual and real, their love can last till America marries Russia.

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