Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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Music and all that Jazz with Tia Kar

TIA KAR who is otherwise called TIAARA is a vocalist, musical performer, a talented craftsman and an outstandingly mysterious soul with immense affection for singing. This half Punjabi half Bengali young lady was conceived on 13 July in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Raised and supported in the group of musical artists, her dad is a proficient Playback vocalist who has accomplished more than 25 Albums and the most famous title track in 'Legend Hira Lal '.

TIAARA had partaken in Indian Idol 5. Also, was likewise finalist of the season. Tia does live shows, Playback singing, Acting and Music Videos. 

NIKITA NAGWANI: Has singing come to you as an energy? 

TIA KAR: Initially, singing was not an energy. My daddy was a vocalist and I generally needed to sing and be similar to him. Continuously I considered it important and now it has turn into an energy. 

Actually, we've heard in your tryout (Indian Idol) that it was your daddy's fantasy that you turn into an incredible vocalist simply like him. 

Better believe it, essentially, I generally needed to be an incredible dance specialist on the grounds that I was great at it. In any case, my daddy longed for me as an artist so I am into it and now its similar to a piece of my life and I can't live without it.

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