Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Divas Steps Ahead To Support #DontManCriminate - Maggcom

Bollywood Divas Steps Ahead To Support #DontManCriminate

#DontManCriminate, the Campaign that picked up the prevalence as answer to the misjudged idea of Feminism. A Campaign which highlighted that Feminism does not mean disregarding the commitments, feelings and estimations of other sex, rather the genuine significance of women's liberation is inspiring and enabling ladies without disrespecting and un-recognizing the rights, penances and commitments of Men. The Campaign which at first got a ton of backing from both regular and in addition well known courteous fellows has now begun getting backing from some celebrated Women as well. Look what the big names like Pratyusha and Sana needs to say on Mancrimination. 

We can't deny the way that ladies are more spoiled, adored and gave careful consideration. They are frequently offered more help and additional consideration, such as conveying their sacks and paying their bills. On the off chance that ladies truly need to remain on the same platform as men, they ought to themselves decay the offer of their bills being paid by a man or their packs being conveyed by them. To the ladies who don't do as such – #DontManCriminate.

Why is that when a man mishandle he is said to be way less and discourteous yet when a lady manhandle she is viewed as strong and fearless? Why is that when a man cheats he is marked as "Casanova" yet when a lady cheats she is considered being powerless and that she didn't have an alternative.

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