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Satisfy Your Urges With These Fashionable Dresses - Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine Maggcom

Satisfy your urges, Fashionistas!

Sitting in front of TV, staring at all those gowns donned by celebrities for the red carpets, you all must have wandered off to the tempting dreamy lands of fashion. How the imagery of you stepping on the red carpet that seemed to posses a magic of it’s own, flashes in front of your eyes. You start imagining how it is felt to be in the gown that has got the skills to attract the attention of whoever that looks at the dress.The feel of your skin against the fabric.You want to romance with the dress. How it softly glides over your curves. You try hard to get that feel but you are simply left disappointed. How can you imagine the feel without actually donning it. Fashionitas, relax. I am bringing you a set of Red Carpet evening gowns that can satisfy your urges.

Dress 1

Designed by Nikhil Thampi. Featuring a nude imported blend gown with cut-out detailing on yoke, waist and back.
It has a slit at center back along with matching geogette long drape attached to one-shoulder.
FIT: Fits true to size.
COMPOSITION: Imported blend, georgette.
Priced at INR 35,000. Bag this dress from here.

Dress 2

Designed by Nikhil Thampi. Featuring a maroon imported blend front -open shirt dress with metal flowers embellished shoulders.

It has pockets on both sides and slit in center front.
FIT: Fits true to size.
COMPOSITION: Imported blend.
Priced at INR 40.000. Bag this dress from here.

Dress 3

Designed by Nikhil Thampi. Featuring a peach imported blend one-shoulder gown with metal flowers and nude georgette two-toned attached drape on shoulder.

It has a rib cut detailing and slit at center back.
FIT: Fits true to size.
COMPOSITION: Imported blend, georgette.
Priced at INR 30,000.Bag this dress from here.

Dress 4

Designed by Nikhil Thampi. Featuring a black imported blend one shoulder gown with metal flowers on shoulder pad and attached nude georgette two-toned long drape.
FIT: Fits true to size.
COMPOSITION: Imported blend, georgette.
Priced at INR 30,000. Bag this dress from here.  #FlirtWithFashion

Designer Clutches to Compliment You Designer Wear - Lifestyle Magazine Maggcom

Designer Clutches to Compliment You Designer Wear

Fashion is not just about clothes. When you step out in an outfit, what makes you look perfect fashion-perfect is not only the fitting and style of your clothes but also your stylish bags and shoes your pair it with. Indian has been blessed with rich and unique embroideries to style your bags or clutches with the traditional Indian attire. This wedding season when you dress in your designer lehenga or an exclusive Satya Paul saree, don’t forget to complete your look with a chic clutch. Pernia’s popup shop offers the most fashionable and contemporary designer clutches to match every outfit of yours and make you look like a style diva every time you step out of the house. Take a look at some of the best pieces from their collection.


The grey and orange phulkari embroidery arrow design clutch from Aiyana By Umeed Foundation has a satin silk lining and looks absolutely classy and sophisticated. This embroidered clutch with orange detailing can instantly add a touch of elegance to your outfit, be it a cream colour anarkali suit or a blue evening gown.


The black moghul clutch by Namrata Kumar features a black clutch with varied hand embroideries of kat dana, zari and nakshi set in rose gold dipped frame. We are totally in love with this clutch. Style it with a designer saree or a beige dress, either ways it’s sure to add grace to your attire.


The gold tree clutch from 5 Elements is an absolute must-have for every woman. The clutch has a gold silk base box clutch with beaded tree motif and cut dana embroidery that makes it extremely attractive. The glittery gold makes it apt for your elite Diwali parties to pair with a classic Indian wear.


The earth phulkari embroidered geometrical design box clutch from Aiyana By Umeed Foundation has an ivory base with multi coloured embroidery design. It’s an ethnic piece that will give your Indian outfit a western touch and vice versa. Style it with a LBD for an evening party or a palazzo pants suit for a family function and you’re good to go.


The Beige bliss clutch from LOVETOBAG is the perfect wedding clutch you’d want to style your wedding wear with. Having a pure silk base topped with zari embroidery, this clutch can be styled with anything from a simple kurta and churidar to a designer lehenga in any colour and of any style.

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Cases Where Your Bad Luck Ruins Your Sunday - Maggcom

10 Cases Where Your Bad Luck Ruins Your Sunday

Welcome To The Maggcom Rejuvenation Centre. If you want to have a Happy Sunday then wake up in the morning at 4, take bath in ice cold water, chant the mantra, “Sunday is a Funday.” for 108 times and Voila! You will have a happy-happy enlightened Sunday (God, so practical thoughts!).

But sometimes apka bad luck itna kharab hota hai that even if you are fully pumped up to have a happy-happy Sunday, something or the other always ends up ruining your Sunday.

1. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize your monstrous, cold hearted boss has ordered you to come on Sunday to work (Zaalim kahin ka).

2. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize it’s………. (hold your heart)…….. Monday. (Nahiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Ye din dikhane se pehle mujhe utha kyu nahi liya bhagwan)

3. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize your ma has plans to take you to grocery and home shopping with her. (Kyu, ma, kyuuuuuu?)

4. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize there’s no (and will not be for the whole day) electricity because the municipality corporation is changing the transformer in your area. (Hand me the gun, please…..dhishkyaaaoon.)

5. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize your Pammi aunty, along with her husband and her four children, has come to spend her Sunday with you and (adding cherry to the cake) you have to be so sweet to them that you might end up having diabetes. (Bas, ab aur saha nahi jata. )

6. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize that it’s Monday midnight now, coz you have out slept the whole Sunday. (Bhagwan, kyu meri saari khushiyan cheen rahe ho mujhse.)

7. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize none of your friends are free for any of your happy-happy Sunday plans and you are left all alone in this bereham duniya (Please, God, play the song tanhaiiiiiiii in the background of my life).

8. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize your girlfriend has plans for a romantic (so romantic that it makes you gag to death) chick-flick when you had plans for Prison Break. (Ouch! Love hurts)

9. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize your boyfriend is having plans to watch some over-the-top-totally-unrealistic action movie when you had plans for Friends. (What? I can’t be biased to my own race. Don’t forget, I am a woman too).

10. Waking up to the blissful Sunday morning only to realize, you have exams the next day. (Sunday kharab karne walo, janta maaf nahi karegi!)

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Struggles That Only Paying Guests Understand - Maggcom Magazine


There are many students which migrate from one city to another either to pursue higher education from universities and college or which are doing job. Many of them lives in PG. They are provided with the basic amenities but still there is nothing better and comfortable than home. You always try hard to find some jugad to solve your problems. So here are the struggles living as a paying guest can understand.

*Basically food problem comes first. You always miss maa k hath ka khana. Delicious and finger licking food made by mum is missed so much even if you go to the famous restro of the city you will always miss mum’s food. When you are hungry mostly you are dependent on chips or biscuits to calm the hunger fire in your stomach.

*A very big thanks to Nestle for Maggie. It’s eaten in dinner lunch and even in breakfast coz it doesn’t take much time to make. You don’t get confused in Ki ek se kam chlega ya fir do bnau coz you also have to share with your roomie too.

*You share everything with your roomie and you understand the meaning of sharing and caring as well. From clothes to accessories, from footwear’s to cosmetics your share it with each other.

*Your landlord sometimes annoys you and there are restrictions as well that no loud music, no partying in your room and many more.

*Mostly your room is a mess and it seems like a tornado attacked your room. When you are so tired and you don’t wanna clean it up and you sleep on that mess.

*You have to keep check on water time to store water especially in summer. Waking up and waiting for it to come.

*PG food doesn’t tastes good at all its taste is even bad than railway’s food. There is no Daal in daal ki sabzi it seems more like a boiled daal soup.

*Despite of all this struggles you always miss this experience as it makes you strong and teaches you not to be dependent on others. The experience is memorable and you will always miss it.

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Vero Moda Dungaree That You Need This Summer -maggcom


The summer heat has started gearing up and what we need right now is to be summer ready by getting our closets filled with the perfect summer clothes. Shorts and tanks are what we already told you about, but there’s yet another extremely cool summer outfit that we are absolutely crushing on. And that is none other than this Vero Moda dungaree from Koovs.

Dunagree has been one of the most loved fashions of the 90s and we just cannot forget how cool it looked back then. For all the tom boyish girls, this was their best friend and a go-to as it restricted no movement of legs nor did it require any fashion etiquette to be followed. The dungaree gives you a chance to be yourself by wearing it with whatever you wish and styling it the way you like.

While browsing through we found this super trendy and super cool denim dungaree that we couldn’t help but share with all you fashionistas so you look stylish even when you roam around in the scorching heat.

Buy this here.

Now if you’ve already decided to buy the above piece, here are some style tips to look your best in it:

Style Tip 1:

Pair it with a crop top of any colour and a pair of smart canvas shoes. If you opt to wear a white crop, which is usually the colour for summer, then choose bright coloured shoes like a red or yellow to look fun and funky. To keep it simple, go for a pair of loafers in white or beige.

Style Tip 2:

A colourful tank is what will make you look ultra-awesome in this denim dungaree. A colourful tank top or a vest with a pair of sporty wedges will give you the rough yet feminine look that you desire.

Style Tip 3:

Want to look more feminine? A chic printed top along with a pair of stilettoes will give you the femininity that you’d want from this dungaree. Add a pair of statement neck piece and a trendy bag to finish your look.

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Know How To Tie The Knot - Lifestyle Magazine Maggcom


The wedding season has already started and unlike women who have a bunch of outfits to choose from, men only have the classic suits style that they can play around with. While they may not get a lot of styles to choose from while choosing the wedding or reception suit, what they do get to select is the style of their tie.

Suits are not something you would wear on a daily basis and a tie is simply office or function specific. Tying the knot may seem easy but it’s only when you start tying it is when you know how difficult it is. Also, there are numerous styles of tying the knot to suit your body shape and suit style and you sure don’t want to choose the wrong one for your BIG DAY.

Worried? Don’t be, we are going to show you how to tie the stylish knots with these simple videos.

Here are 3 such styles of wedding tie knots for every groom to look like a gentleman and an absolute heart throb to his woman:

The Windsor Knot

The Full Windsor is one of the most common knots in the tie men’s fashion world. It’s a classic tie knot and one of the easiest to do. Here’s how you can get it right:

The Eldredge

The Eldredge is an extremely stylish and classy style of tie. Although it looks difficult to tie, it includes just a repetition of one knot. Here’s how to tie the Eldredge knot to look uber cool:

The Skinny Tie

The Skinny Tie has been one of the latest trends of tie knots and women absolutely love it since they’ve seen Ranbir Kapoor rocking it in the badtameez dil The skinny tie is simple and sophisticated and yet very modern. Here’s how to tie the skinny tie knot like a pro:

Image source:,

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5 Best Red Dresses Specially For Date Night - Maggcom


It’s time to get geared up for the big date, it’s time to get all your dress, shoes and accessories in place to look your best. Ditch that little black dress and step out in a bold and sensuous red dress to add some spice to your romantic date. However, we do know you’d be busy taking rounds at the spa, which is why you may not get enough time to hunt for your red hot dress. And that’s exactly why we have found five red dresses for you so that you can keep his eyes on you all the time.

The Mini Sexy Pencil Dress:

Bold and beautiful, this mini sexy pencil dress will make him fall for you all over again. The plunging neckline will add an oomph factor to your outfit while making you look smart and elegant. Style it with a sequined clutch and sky high red heels.
Buy this dress here.

The Cinched Red Dress:

Simple and sophisticated, this cinched red dress is perfect for office wear as well as a dinner date. If you’re going to be the one working till late, with no time to change for your date, this one’s got to be your pick. Style it with a statement necklace and trendy flats to make it more fashionable.
Buy this dress here.

The Get Lucky Dress:

This bright red dress is apt for the romantic candle light dinner. You’ll not just grab his attention but also a couple others when you walk down the street. Style it with dazzling earrings and red heels to heat up the atmosphere.
Buy this dress here.

The Pleated Bandeau Style Evening Dress:

The hot and chic dress will just not let him take his eyes off you. The pleated bandeau style evening dress is modern and elegant and will give a contemporary look to your attire. Style it with a delicate pendant necklace and trendy clutch to complete your look.
Buy this dress here.

The Rosy Blush Skater Dress:

This solid hued dress is apt if you believe in simplicity. Its rosy blush colour will leave a soothing effect on his eyes. Highlight your eyes with the right eye liner and eye shadow to make your look more dressy and fancy. Style it with strappy heels and a black clutch to enhance its beauty.
Buy this dress here.

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Renovate your Lifestyle with Maggcom Lifestyle Magazine


So the summer has come and we all are in for all the bright and sunny days ahead. While we spur from our slumberous winters, there’s a lot of activity to look forward to this time of year. So instead of cringing and balking about it let’s face it – We need to renovate our lifestyle! Dropped a bomb, didn’t I ? Ok, here goes the explanation…. Summers are the best time to upscale our hibernating trends and rediscovering some new designs, textures and colors.

While the aqua meets the fuchsia and the cottons meet the rustled up silk, we all can have a field day rustling up something eye-catching and interesting. After all, style begins with us, right? Here are a few points that can get you started –

Plan. Compare. Prepare.

Vital to any project that you take up, planning is the most essential key. Decide on which space/room you want to focus on and work accordingly. Keep the goals small and fulfill them. If you want a whole house makeover, do it in piecemeal method so that the work doesn’t seem overwhelming – you don’t want the end result to be downright contrite. Seek help and advice of professionals like Contrary to the popular belief, professionals actually will save your costs.

Invite Family to contribute

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects have gained a lot of prominence in past 2 years. While this is a good way to work on the renovation projects, it is good to have many heads contributing their ideas to your project. You never know what wonderful ideas they can come up with.

Paint it Red!

Paint the space in bright colors, except if it is your bedroom. Bedrooms need to be colored in muted tones or else you will not get much of sleep with all the enticing colored walls around you. If you aren’t sure whether a particular color will work, there is color visualizer tool available online just for this purpose! You can check it out here

Go all Mediterranean with the tapestry

This year the Mediterranean sun will splash a riot of colors on your décor and furnishings. With floral prints being the in thing this summer; it is best to indulge in the most original designs by Ratan Jaipur. See some of the collection here

Accessorize in a whacky way

What is that we can’t do without? Accessories! They are extension of our personality, be it related to our clothes or our homes. Accessories are the best way to change something and infuse something new. Renovation is always incomplete without new accessories being added.
Some accessory ideas for you here

Display a statement piece

Making the unseen seen is the statement feature of any home that looks designer in feel. We would not say ‘buy’ but ‘invest’ is a wonderful piece of décor that makes the first impression a lasting one. This piece can dominate your décor theme and actually be a matter of pride. For some it might be an old gramophone or a wooden box that’s got antique hooks and carvings or it could be paintings that sync with your theme. To attract attention you can either paint that area in contrasting color or make is a special zone with other knick-knacks added for effect.

Focus on backgrounds and emphasis

When contrasts are made from background to the décor and then from the décor to the background it creates special focus zones. For example, if you want people to focus on the painting on the wall the décor around it must be subdued. If the focus is on the décor items then the background cannot be loud. This kind of flow makes renovations and designs successful.

Give finishing touches to your displays

After all the design and the décor aspects are taken care of look into the minute details. Ensure that the votive holders have candles, the vases are filled with flowers, the table arrangements are complete and everything right from the cabinet knobs to curtain holders is in place. In this regard, these items must not be catchy unless you are going in for a cream and beige theme all over the house and want attention to small details.

With these tips to begin with, I am sure renovating your lifestyle won’t be hard. What are you thinking? Let’s begin with